TUNG DUONG MECHANICAL founded in 2021 and Employee 90, Area 8.500 m2.

The initial criterion when establishing our business is to establish a company with full capacity and expertise in the field of aluminum profile production.

Our products include: a variety of Aluminum Alloys, a variety of surface treatments and a wide range of industrial aluminum.

In addition to standing firmly in the domestic aluminum construction bar market, we also receive a lot of export industrial aluminum orders.

  • Established   : 2021
  • Address (Factory)  : Km 51 national highway 5, zone 6, Cam Thuong ward, Hai Duong city, Hai Duong,   Vietnam

TPM VN Company Introduction

Main products Business :- Aluminum profiles

Tung Duong Aluminum with high quality aluminum profile products meet the most stringent requirements of customers.

-Modern aluminum profile extrusion system…

-Powder coating system, wood grain film coating is used with modern equipment to bring aluminum products with natural beauty…

-Modern color-plated anodizing lines bring customers products with diverse colors such as white, yellow, brown, gray…

To exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery,
and cost
through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

TPM VN Company Quality Policy

Quality improvement reduces total cost for our customers and TPM VN.

Everyone in TPM VN must be involved in the continual improvement process.

Our product quality and job quality must exceed our customer expectation.

  • We have to do things right at the first time.
  • To increase output through minimizing each process defects rate
  • Emphasis on preventive action to avoid quality defect.

TPM VN Company Quality Objective

To strengthen the cooperation between departments by enhancing the communication so as to achieve the supply of reliable and quality committed product to customers.

  • Prompt response to customer request within 3 working day.
  • Human resources development by providing with internal / external education & training
  • To ensure TPM VN comply to all customer’s standards.
  • To ensure all materials used by TPM VN contained less than 5 ppm of cadmium and less than 100 ppm of lead.
  • To ensure all materials used in our parts do not contain any controlled environmental related substances.
  • To ensure no banned substances received by TPM VN as incoming material.

TPMVN Environment Objective

  1. Prevent pollution by minimizing impacts on the environment through the 3R:
    1. Reduce pollution through effective waste management and chemical control system.
    2. Reuse manufacturing waste to minimize the environmental aspects and significant impacts.
    3. Recycle wherever practicable to converse natural resources and reduce company cost.
  2. Country, public and customer requirement or standard to specify into the quality / production / engineering control document.
  3. To comply with relevant environment legislation and regulations and with other requirements.
  4. To provide continuous training and education to create environment and occupational safety and health awareness amongst the GDS Vina employees.
  5. To maintain and continually improve our environmental management system through regular audits, management reviews and support any program that conducted by Vietnam government or other sector.

The environmental policy shall be made available to the public upon formal request.

TPM VN – Aluminum Extrusion Line

  • Workshop area : 3.000 m2
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Number of Machine & Line: 03
  • Capa : 50.000 m / day (8 hours)

TPM VN – Powder coating lines

  • Workshop area  : 3.500 m2
  • Number of employees: 30
  •  Number of Machine & Line: 01
  • Capa     : 2.500 pcs / day (8 hours)

TPM VN – Anodizing line

  • Workshop area : 2.000 m2
  • Number of employees: 30
  • Number of Machine & Line: 01
  • Capa : 2.000 pcs / day (8 hours)

TPM VN – Quality control equipment